No day but today.

I go back to school tomorrow.
So of course this is the most practical thing to do on my last night of freedom <3 #frozen #nevergetsold 👑💙⛄❄
Of course, #mcm goes to my amazing boyfriend <3 after dealing with my blackout episode ( I’ve never seen him move so fast in my life!! ), taking me to the ER and caring for me all weekend, he has truly proven that he will take care of me in sickness and in health. I love you Ben!!! 💕💏😻💋💘
just kicking butt at a little showing this summer :)
horse show season <3
It was a good morning for a goat show!! 🐐 #4h
Tractor pulls! 🚜 #hudsonvillefair #tractorpulls
My boy <3 he has come soooo far!! Finally starting to work on the canter, and he is learning so fast!!! I couldn’t be happier with him :) and we couldn’t do any of it without @laurenvanderlaan !!!! #appaloosa #happyappy #riding

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Yea its definitely fair season. Let the shenanigans begin. :) #hudsonvillefair #fairweek #bestweekever #fair
Its the most wonderful time of the year &lt;3 #hudsonvillefair #fairweek
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