No day but today.

Finally had some time for my Nimbus today <3 he’s so stinking cute, and loves me even tho I only get to see him once a month lol
Thank you everyone for all the support <3 to answer everyone’s questions in one post, no we do not have a date yet. But we are hoping for next fall (2015). I will not start any planning until after I graduate in December so I stay focused on school. And a lot of you asked for a close up of the ring, so here you go. Yes, #hewenttoJared 💎💍 #engaged #jaredgalleria #diamondring #perfection
I SAID YES!!!!! 💎💍💎💍 that’s right people….future Mrs. Chick right here!!! I’m getting married!!!!
💕 #engaged #futuremrs #thatringtho #sohappy #imgettingmarried #bliss
This screams Blair Witch Project to me….👻
Date day 💜 Wine tasting and a corn maze at #robinettes 🌽🍁🍂🍸
A late #mcm <3 I couldn’t be any happier… My personal at home rock star 😎 ps- he has no idea I took this. Hehe. #mancandy #guitar #rockstar
I miss actually having time to spend with my horse….i have seen him once in the last 3 weeks and haven’t ridden him in over a month. I’m so over school and work sucking up my life 😿
My real life prince charming <3 I love him so much, he is truly the greatest thing to ever happen to me. He has always stood by me, loved me and supported me, and even after i broke his heart, he took me back. And as much as I love Disney and working for them, I’d drop it all in an instant just to be here with him rather than move down there. I love you @chicklets921 💕💏😻
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